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How to Reduce Driving Costs

Posted by Victoria Caswell

Feb 22, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Reducing Driving Costs Will Help Boost Your Fuel Efficiency

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With the price of oil dropping to near-record lows,driving has become far less expensive than just a year ago. However, gasoline prices will continue to fluctuate, so the likelihood of inexpensive gas remaining a constant is slim. Regardless of this, there are other ways to reduce driving costs and to help boost fuel efficiency within the vehicle. Some of these methods can be performed by car owners themselves while others should be performed by certified professionals capable of offering top car services.  

Replace Air Filters

As dirt and other debris collects in the engine filter, it reduces the quality air flow coming into the engine. As a clean air flow allows for a more precise fuel burn, miles per gallon do start to drop off. This is an easy replacement that can be performed when a car's oil is changed. 

In addition to the new air filter, having a new spark plug installed can offer a more precise firing of the engine, which works right along side with ensuring the most fuel efficient flame is produced. A spark plug should only be replaced by an experienced mechanic as it does need to be properly aligned. Misaligning a new spark plug may result in an inferior performance over the older plug. 

Tire Pressure

A tire pressure gauge allows for accurate readings, although having the auto garage check tire pressure whenever work is done ensures proper pressure. 

  • Under inflated tires are not only unsafe but the sluggish rubber in the tires requires more fuel to burn.
  • Over inflated tires are not desired either as this becomes a major safety concern as well (over inflated tires are more likely to burst from the weight of the vehicle).

Avoid Fuel Tank Additives 

There are all sorts of products out there claiming to improve fuel efficiency. Most don't work and are just a waste of money, so avoid these products all together.

When you own a vehicle, there are many different things that you need to take care of in order for you to get the most use and enjoyment out of that vehicle. Whether it's new tires or things like regular maintenance and oil changes, keeping your vehicle in prime condition is important. Investing in an extended warranty will provide you with the extra coverage you want in order to keep your family safe. 

True Auto is without a doubt the premier and most trusted extended vehicle warranty company in the industry. Coverage plans will protect your new and used vehicle. Call 877-397-1022 or Click HERE to recieve your FREE Quote today. 


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