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I have to thank you for how your employees handled my claim this past week. I bought an auto extended warranty from you several months ago.  Two weeks ago, my Tahoe just stopped. When I took it to the dealership, they told me that my engine was shot and I was looking at a $4,000 repair bill. I showed the claims guy my extended warranty papers, and he told me that he has worked with True Auto Protection before and has had no problems with them. A few minutes later we got the approval on the claim from your staff for the entire claim. I did not have to pay a nickel!  It is such a relief when things go they way they are supposed to.

David - Phoenix AZ

I would like to let you know that I contacted True Auto Protection today and that Richard Flores provided me with exceptional customer service. My father passed away recently and I am Executrix of his estate.  I called in to find out information about my dad's extended  warranty (contract #2994398DTA) for his 2016 Buick Terrain - if there was a balance owing, information about the warranty, if the warranty was transferable, etc.   

 The first thing Richard did before he answered any of my questions was to express his sympathies for my/our loss and I could hear the genuine concern in his voice.  After patiently and thoroughly answering my questions and explaining all of the information I needed to know, Richard asked if I had any other questions or if he could help in any other way.  I thanked him for his patience, time and for his sincere sympathies.  We spent a few moments reflecting about loss and family and as we ended our conversation, Richard told me to make sure to take care of myself and my mom and with a choked voice I said Thank You.  

 Richard is an EXCEPTIONAL employee and I hope that True Auto Protection will also let him know that his exceptional customer service is appreciated and valued. 

Bea Andrus - Spokane, WA

I would like to thank you for the great service I have received from your company. It was a pleasure to deal with a company that didn't pressure me, or mislead me. What a wonderful experience I would definitely recommend you guys again to anyone looking for an extended warranty. Again, thank you very much for the service you've given me. You are the only extended service company I will do business with.

JG - Austin, Texas

I want to leave a positive comment about one of your employees, Jim, and let you know what a great a help he was in explaining all the benefits of the coverage plan. I am a senior and really appreciated the time and thoughtfulness he took to make sure I completely understood everything. When I talked to other companies it seemed like they were in a hurry to get my money and didn't want me to think too hard about what they were selling. Thanks for being so wonderful!

Mary - Fort Meyers, Florida

I just want to thank Tony he was very helpful to me and showed me I could get coverage on both my cars with a monthly payment that was less than what Get Mogi quoted me for one car.

Carl - St. Paul, Minnesota

When I first saw an ad from True Auto Protection advertising a car warranty I was sceptical.  After talking to one of their warranty specialists for more than a half an hour I realized that this was a pretty great warranty. It was fully insured by an A-rated company (I check up on this kind of thing), covered all the major engine stuff, transmission, electrical and ac.  It still sounded too good to be true - then the salesperson blew me away with the next thing he said -"do the math , this is not a cheap warranty over  time - you absolutely don't want a cheap warranty - they don't provide good coverage for your vehicle - they can't afford to ! What we do is make a high end warranty affordable to everyone by allowing you to pay for it monthly." Sold! I appreciate honesty and will only do business with Premier in the future. Thanks again.

Stephanie - San Diego, California