True Auto Dealership Services ProgramTrue Auto's Dealership Services Program was developed to help automobile dealers boost their bottom line without any additional investment of money or time. It's a second chance marketing effort to provide a dealer's existing customer base with extended warranty protection. We contact each customer on behalf of the dealer offering the dealer's present warranty product suite. This strengthens customer loyalty and ensures the customer returns to the dealership service facility for maintenance and repairs. For each extended warranty sold to a dealer's customer True Auto pays the dealer! 

The Process:
  • True Auto produces and delivers persuasive message via multiple marketing methods on behalf of your dealership.
  • Customer responds and True Auto communicates as a representative of the dealership.
  • Customer buys warranty at that time OR if they express interest but don't buy immediately, a True Auto sales representative follows up.
  • True Auto manages and fulfills each warranty purchase.

Dealer Branded Customer Experience: 

Through the use of proprietary software True Auto offers the dealer's products to the dealer's customers only. Most importantly True Auto maintains the dealer's brand across every customer communication and touch point.

Dealer Branded Mailing: 
True Auto produces and delivers persuasive message via multiple marketing methods on behalf of your dealership.

True Auto is completely transparent to the customer and simply acts as an extension of the dealership.

Dealer Responsibilities:

  • Sign paperwork agreeing to participate in the program
  • Inform F&I and Service Managers that this program is active
  • Collect a commission check each month for policies sold
  • The dealer has NO monetary responsibilities

How It Works

  • True Auto segments and extracts from the dealers DMS consumers who own vehicles that where purchased 3-4 years prior targeting vehicles with mileage between 33K-44K miles.
  • Additionally True Auto extracts service customers who did not purchase their vehicle from the dealer and paid out of pocket for service.
  • A combination of direct mail, email and voice blast are used to generate response.
  • True Auto and the dealer determine together the product mix to be offered.
  • True Auto process all fulfillment directly with the warranty administrator.

Why It Works

  • The additional warranty sales revenue is bottom line money for dealer
  • Keeps service in the dealership and creates additional service revenue
  • Creates additional new car sales opportunities for the dealership


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