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Benefits of an Extended Warranty


Has your manufacturer's warranty already expired or will it expire soon? Have you purchased a used vehicle that still has a manufacturer's auto warranty in place, however you want to purchase extended auto protection coverage? There are many reasons why you should own extended protection for your vehicle and enjoy peace of mind against unforeseen costly repair bills! You've come to the right place!

True Auto Protection will provide you the most affordable and comprehensive  extended warranty packages to protect you when your manufacturer's auto warranty expires. Do not let your manufacturer's auto warranty expire without looking at your options with True Auto Protection.

At True Auto Protection we have been working to save drivers on the high cost of repair bills for 20 years. We protect drivers across the country with the highest possible coverage at the lowest possible price using multiple insurers competing to get your business.
From Audi to Chevrolet to Toyota, we cover them all giving you the peace of mind that can only come from True Auto Protection.



In today's economic environment people are keeping their vehicles much longer. Our vehicles are usually the second largest investment we make in our lifetime.

Vehicle Service Contracts are designed to protect that investment and keep it in great working condition without unexpected out of pocket expenses.  Considering that the average labor rate for mechanics is approaching $100 per hour and the complexity of vehicles today, a vehicle service contract is a wise investment.