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Our Shared Vision

Our Purpose

We take care of our customers through products and services designed to protect them from life's uncertainties and to prepare them for the future.

Our Strategic Vision

We want to provide the highest quality products and services at the lowest possible price to our customers.

Our Values

Here at True Auto, we practice honesty, compassion, and integrity when doing business. As an organization, we value inclusive diversity, accountability, respect, determination, and superior performance.

Our Corporate Goal

We will grow the value of our company for our customers, our associates, our shareholders, our communities and society.

Our Principles

  1. Put the customer at the center of all of our work and provide the products and services they need in ways they want them.
  2. Take an enterprise view of our people and processes and work as a single team to advance True Auto rather than our individual interests.
  3. Provide superior returns to shareholders by growing and leveraging risk and return trade-offs. Focus relentlessly on those few things that will provide the greatest impact.
  4. Execute well considered decisions with precision and speed. 
  5. Hire carefully, develop and inspire aggressively, manage respectfully, empower, reward and celebrate appropriately. 
  6. Be a learning organization.

Our Operating Priorities:

Our customers are our priority always. We have consumer focused operational excellence.