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What are the other benefits of Extended Auto Warranties

Posted by Andrew Hillin

Jul 6, 2011 12:17:00 PM

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Warranties are like insurance.  If you unfortunately have to use them, then they are probably worth the cost.  However, in addition to just paying for the repair costs of your vehicle, there are other benefits that you should consider.

When you go into the service department of an auto dealership with an extended warranty on your vehicle there will be a service advisor to check you in.  You tell them the problem that you are having with your car or truck and they take some time to do some diagnostics.  They then call you up to the counter and give you the bad news.  They may say that the rear differential is off.  Or they might say that the alternator needs to be replaced.  The problem is that most americans don't have the "car savy" to tell if the service department is telling the truth or not.

With an extended car warranty, the services advisor will have to call in the claim to the extended warranty company.  The reps from the warranty company are all
ASE certified machanics and have extensive training on auto repairs.  So, in essence you have a "car guy" that has your back.

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