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How to Maintain the Integrity and Value of Your Vehicle


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Making the decision to purchase a vehicle typically takes time, rigorous research, and a lot of thought. While some folks know for certain which auto manufacturer they will choose or whether they are looking to invest in a truck, SUV, or car for their next vehicle, others are simply looking for a nice, dependable ride that will get them from point A to point B -- and back again. Being able to count on your vehicle to withstand the long road trips, the stop and go of city driving, and the twists and turns of those back-country roads throughout all the seasons of each year is perhaps the most important factor when choosing a vehicle. It’s not by happenstance, however, that some vehicles seem to maintain their integrity for years after being purchased, while others seem to show their wear and tear in no time at all. Sustaining the value of your vehicle can easily be done. Here are three ways to accomplish this:

Schedule Routine Maintenance Checks.

Whether you return to the dealership where you first bought your vehicle, or you prefer to go to your neighborhood service shop, making (and keeping) those routine maintenance appointments is integral to keeping your car roadworthy. These mini check-ups enable the certified technician to not only change your oil and rotate your tires, but also perform a check of hoses, belts, and various systems in your vehicle that may be showing signs of wear. Catching a potential issue in its very early stages will save you from a lot of unnecessary stress and expense.

Be Attentive!

Listen to your vehicle. If you hear the brakes making a strange noise or the engine just doesn’t sound quite right, cranking the volume on your stereo won’t make the source of that sound disappear. Look at your vehicle. If it seems like it is pulling to one side when you drive, or lights are shining brightly on your dashboard (indicating something needs your immediate attention), take it in to be serviced.

Purchase an Auto Warranty.

Of everything you can do to maintain your vehicle, perhaps the best decision you can make is to purchase auto warranty.  No matter how attentive and proactive you strive to be in taking care of your vehicle, sometimes mechanical issues arise that you have no control over. An auto warranty enables you to rest assured knowing that should a new problem suddenly appear in your vehicle, you’ll be covered, and you won’t have to worry about how you are going to pay for the repair. While an auto warranty does not need to be purchased the same day you buy your vehicle (in fact, you can get an auto warranty years after you purchased your vehicle), the auto warranty will typically cover only new issues and not pre-existing problems. So, it makes sense to be truly proactive in taking care of your vehicle and getting auto warranty for it before you need it!

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Who are the best auto extended warranty companies?


car warranty breakdownYou have come to the realization that your vehicle, which is one of your most expensive assets, needs to be protected with an auto extended warranty.  Now you have to take on the daunting task of finding the company that will fulfill this need while being reliable and trustworthy.

How do you find the best extended warranty company?

My first suggestion is forget going to your dealership.  While auto dealerships are great and keeping inventories of vehicles ready to sell you, they are not the best place to buy and auto extended warranty.  For that task, you really need to go online.  The best reason to buy from and online provider is that you have easy access to research on what level of coverage you are buying, and you have quick access to shop quotes with multiple providers.

Search the internet a generic term like "best auto extended warranty companies", or just "extended auto warranty".  Now the top 3 companies listed on google are companies that pay for that spot on the search results.  So, do think they are necessarily the largest or the best.

Here are the questions to ask or find in your research:

Is there a large insurance company standing behind this policy?  You see the company that the extended warranty is through is typically a Third Party Administrator.  These TPA's can be very large, or very small.  In either situation they could go out of business and leave you hanging if there was not an insurance company insuring their performance under the contract.

What is the maximum amount that the policy will pay out?  If you have a higher mileage used car then you will only be eligible for coverage that cover the major components on your vehicle - like engine, transmision and drivetrain.  Some of the policies have a maximum payout of a certain dollar amount.  I have even seen policies that have a max payout of $3,500.  What you want is a maximum payout of the actual cash value of the vehicle.  Meaning if your car is worth $10,000 then they will pay out up to $10,000.  There are very few companies that will pay out more than that.

Be careful of the deductible - Make sure your deductible is "per visit" instead of "per component"  Suppose you have a breakdown that needs 3 different components fixed.  If you have a per component deductible, you would have to pay 3 times your stated deductible.

Extended auto warranty coverage can be a great idea.  Just make sure you do your research when it comes time to buy.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at 1-877-397-1022 to help you weed through the information.

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5 Extended Warranty Tips


 Auto Warranty

The average new car costs over $25,600. With that cost, owner expect trouble free operation and longer vehicle life. So why are many turning to extended warranty plans? The answer is simple:they want to protect their investment. Here are a few simple tips you should keep in mind when considering an extended warranty.

1. Decide Whether You Really Need It

Most Manufactuers offer at least 3-year/36,00 mile bumper-to-bumper protection on their new products. In addition, many offer extended warranty coverage on engine and powertrain components and limited warranties on certified used cars. In most cases, these plans offer consumers excellent protection. However, if you drive more than 12,000 miles per year or plan to keep your vehicle for a long time, then an extended service plan might offer the kind of security you are looking for. 

Keep in mind it is less expensive to purchase the plan while the vehicle is still covered by the manufactuer's warranty. 

2. Choose a Provider

There are three basic organizations that offer extended warranties; automobile manufacturers, new and used car dealerships, and independent companies or third parties. As usual, it is up to the consumer to decide which is best for their circumstances, but here are a few of the pros and cons of each:


  • Pros: Factory-backed dealer repair network nationwide. No haggling about repair,price, or components.
  • Cons: Highest upfrnt costs, and dealer network might be limited in your area.
  • Pros: Lower up-front cost:but plan and service car at same place.
  • Cons:Usually only one service point. If they can't fix it, who do you call?
  • Pros: Lowest cost (usually between 30-50 percent less than manufacturer plan), most coverage choices, dealers, or local repair shops. Third-party warranty programs are usually their only business.
  • Cons: shop coverage might not be as promised. Some are 'here today, gone tomorrow" companies.
3. Know What to Watch Out For
Signs of a good plan:
  • Corporate credit card to pay for services
  • ability to choose dealership or independent repair shop
  • Warranty is transferable
  • Trip-interruption coverage
  • Free loaner car
  • BBB certified
Signs of a bad plan:
  • Out of pocket to cover repairs
  • Specific caps on repair costs
  • Large number of exclusions
  • Dealership pressure to purchase plan
  • Non-transferable
  • Company lacking strong track record of customer satisfaction
4. Select the Right Plan

Do you want bumper to bumper coverage? This is the most expensive up front option, but it offers the most coverage.
Selecting higher per-repair deductibles can decreases the initial cost of the plan, but if your vehicle ends up being trouble-prone, it can be more expensive  in the long run.
Read the fine print of the plan. What is covered and what isn't? Where can you have the repairs performed? Do you have to pay cash up front for the repair? Each plan/provider is different. Make sure the plan you select is right for your needs.
Some plans offer perks like roadside assistance, car rental reinbursment, and travel expenses, such as food and lodging, if your vehicle becomes disabled while you are on a trip. These services can come in handy if you travel for business or commute long distances to work.
Finally, call the customer service number. See how long the wait time is before you talk to a claims adjuster. Note their demeanor and willingness to discuss the plan.
5. Know the Bottom Line
Like all services, you get what you pay for in extended warranties. If you look for the most inexpensive plan out there, you probably aren't getting the coverage you need. But paying more isn't necessarily better. You have to read the fine print, make sure your needs are met, and feel confident that the plan will be there to protect you when repairs arise.
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Bilek, Mark. "5 Extended Warranty Tips" 21 October 2005. <> 11 September 2012.
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What are the other benefits of Extended Auto Warranties


describe the image

Warranties are like insurance.  If you unfortunately have to use them, then they are probably worth the cost.  However, in addition to just paying for the repair costs of your vehicle, there are other benefits that you should consider.

When you go into the service department of an auto dealership with an extended warranty on your vehicle there will be a service advisor to check you in.  You tell them the problem that you are having with your car or truck and they take some time to do some diagnostics.  They then call you up to the counter and give you the bad news.  They may say that the rear differential is off.  Or they might say that the alternator needs to be replaced.  The problem is that most americans don't have the "car savy" to tell if the service department is telling the truth or not.

With an extended car warranty, the services advisor will have to call in the claim to the extended warranty company.  The reps from the warranty company are all
ASE certified machanics and have extensive training on auto repairs.  So, in essence you have a "car guy" that has your back.

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Extended Car Warranty Companies - How to choose


Extended Car Warranty Companies

There are many Extended Car Warranty Companies out there.  So, how do you choose the right one?  I am here to tell you that it is difficult to tell the differences between them.  However, the difference are not only there, they are extreme.

Most dealers sell Extended Car Warranties.  Some sell warranties that have the manufacturers name on them, and most offer warranties from Independent Warranty Companies.  Warranties with the Manufacturer's name in them are usually pretty strong, however they do have many drawbacks.  First, these warranties are sometimes insured and administrated by third party companies who really just private label their warranties for the manufacturer.  Second, they can be much more expensive than Independent Warranty Companies.  Third, they are many times only honored at that manufacturer's dealerships.

Independent Extended Warranty Companies can have some of the highest level of coverage at the most competitive prices as well, but you really need to do your reseach on the Company.  Some companies have very strong insurance companies standing behind them, and some have virtually no insurance at all.  In addition, look up the company at the Better Business Bureau to see how they are rated in their category.

Some of the Extended Car Warranty Companies that we recommend looking at if you are: (obviously)

Warranty Direct

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call us and we can walk you through all three of these companies:


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