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Best USA Road Trip Destinations For December



The winter season is the perfect time to take a road trip with friends or family and explore new areas in the country. Whether you desire to travel to a destination with warmer weather or you are interested in sight-seeing, the United States offers a wide range of options that guarantee a fun-filled road trip that will create lasting memories.

Here is a list of the top five road trip destinations in December for anyone traveling in the United States.

#1 Southern California
Traveling throughout Southern California provides a perfect opportunity to experience breathtaking views along the Pacific Coast Highway for anyone that needs a break from winter weather. Driving from San Francisco to San Diego gives you the freedom to experience a variety of destinations, whether you desire to spend a day out on the beach or visit the world-famous San Diego Zoo. The temperature in southern California is nearly always perfect in December and is a fantastic road trip destination in December.

#2 Florida Keys
The Florida Keys is a great choice for anyone that wants to escape the chill of winter, while also enjoying a wide variety of outdoor activities. The Florida Keys offer some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, and it is an excellent option for a December road trip. The scenic drive of Route 1 on the east coast of Florida is a favorite choice for many travelers, as it is an ideal excursion for anyone looking for an end of the year road trip.

#3 New Mexico
New Mexico is a top winter destination that offers a wide range of choices, whether you wish to travel along U.S. 84 to view the scenic Southwest or if you prefer to visit Wolf Creek Ski area for a skiing trip that the entire family can enjoy. You can also visit Pagosa Springs and relax in the thermal baths for a truly one of a kind December road trip adventure that will create countless memories.

#4 Lake Tahoe, Nevada
The Lake Tahoe National Scenic Byway offers a fantastic 28-mile journey that gives breathtaking views in December. Lake Tahoe is an excellent choice for anyone that enjoys the outdoors, as it provides plenty of opportunities for ice skating, skiing, and sledding. You can also visit Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park and hike on scenic trails with a view of the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

#5 Big Bend National Park - Texas
Big Bend National Park is a wonderful road trip destination for anyone that desires to get away and experience the beautiful landscape of Southwest Texas. The temperature is always pleasant in December, as you have a choice to hike on countless trials and view a wide variety of wildlife. You can also travel along the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive to see limestone cliffs and view the beauty of the desert in December.

All of these scenic locations are a fantastic choice for anyone that desires to go on a December road trip in the United States.

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Why November is a Great Time to Purchase an Auto Warranty


why November is a great time to purchase a vehicle warranty

November is an excellent time to purchase an auto warranty, as we continue to draw closer to the colder winter months. Problems with your vehicle can occur at any time, and it is important always to be well-prepared and avoid any costly expenses. Choosing to purchase an auto warranty is an excellent investment for anyone that owns a vehicle, as winter is a common time to experience various issues with your car.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider purchasing an auto warranty if you are still undecided:

#1 Engine Problems
The winter season is never easy on your vehicle and can cause you to experience a wide range of engine problems that can lead to expensive repairs. Often times the fluids will thicken due to the cold weather, which can cause potential damage to seals and hoses in your vehicle. Warming up your car for five minutes is an effective way to avoid this problem and ensure that your vehicle operates efficiently. Of course, sometimes you cannot prevent engine problems and purchasing a warranty can help you give you additional protection and ensure that you receive the best repair services available.

#2 Electrical Issues
Electrical issues with your car is another common problem with many vehicles during the cold winter months, as you can experience an electrical outage in a variety of different areas. For example, the power windows may begin not to work, or you may have issues with the automatic locks on your door. Fortunately, you can contact a repair service to fix any of these electrical issues without having to worry about any extra costs if you have a warranty.

#3 Dead Battery
A dead battery is a common problem that many vehicle owners face during the winter time, and it is always a good idea to keep your car in a garage if possible. Most manufacturer warranties will cover the battery, but it is important to have your battery checked any time you have routine service on your vehicle to ensure that you are well-prepared for the winter months.

#4 Malfunctioning Safety Features
Safety is always a top priority for anyone that owns a vehicle and malfunctioning safety features can lead to a wide range of problems. However, purchasing an auto warranty will keep you safe and protected, as you will receive immediate assistance without any delay, whether the backup camera system isn't working or if you have defected seat belts.

Understanding these common issues with your car during the winter months can help you avoid many problems and purchasing an auto warranty is an excellent choice for any vehicle owners. Instead of worrying about any surprise expenses, a warranty will ensure that you receive the best protection available from a wide range of problems, whether it is due to engine difficulties, electrical issues, malfunctioning safety features, or even a dead battery. An auto warranty will give you much-needed peace of mind and is a perfect choice during the month of November.

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Fun-Filled Ways to Decorate Your Car for Halloween


Halloween is almost here, and it is the perfect time to consider spooky and fun car-themed Halloween costumes! These Halloween costumes for cars are available in a wide variety of styles, and it is a fantastic way to celebrate with family and friends at any costume party. These Halloween decorations are a unique way to celebrate this fun-filled holiday, and it is an excellent way to make a stylish entrance at any party!

Interested in learning more about this fun-filled car decorations? Here are just a few fun ideas for decorating your car for Halloween!

#1 Superman Car Costume
The superman car costume is an excellent choice for anyone that has a blue car and loves superheroes! The superman car costume is an inexpensive Halloween costume that consists of hanging red fabric along the roof of the vehicle in the shape of a cape. You can also cut out a piece of the red fabric into an "S" shape onto the hood of the car. This Halloween car costume is always popular with kids, and it is a great choice for any fans of superheroes! 

Superman Car  

#2 Spooky Spider Car
Another excellent choice for decorating your car for Halloween is to apply fake spiderwebs across your entire vehicle for a spooky appearance! You can purchase fake spiderwebs at any crafts store, and they look perfect on any black vehicles. You can also decorate your car with various spiders of any size, as it is the perfect theme for any Halloween party!



#3 Graveyard Trunk or Treat
One of the most popular choices at Halloween is to offer trunk or treat at parties for the local community. However, you can significantly improve the trunk or treat experience by decorating your entire trunk with a graveyard theme. You can use a wide variety of different headstones and fake spider webs to create an unforgettable trunk or treat party that kids will never forget!


#4 Creepy Truck Bed
A creepy truck bed is a great choice for anyone that gives you plenty of creative ideas, such as filling your truck with leaves, skeletons, pumpkins, spiders, and other surprises! Of course, it is important to never forget the candy, or you may have a few unhappy trick or treaters!


#5 Ghost Car
A ghost car is a fantastic way to spice up any Halloween party, as you can decorate your entire vehicle with ghosts and neon lights that bring these ghosts to life! Adding any type of spooky music to a ghost car is an excellent choice to set the atmosphere and create a fun experience for kids of any age at a party.



Halloween is one of the most fun-filled holidays that gives you the opportunity to transform your car into anything that you can imagine! These Halloween decoration ideas are just a few ways to have fun at any party and create one of the best Halloween experiences for your entire family and friends!


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How to Maintain the Integrity and Value of Your Vehicle


Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 12.38.44 PM

Making the decision to purchase a vehicle typically takes time, rigorous research, and a lot of thought. While some folks know for certain which auto manufacturer they will choose or whether they are looking to invest in a truck, SUV, or car for their next vehicle, others are simply looking for a nice, dependable ride that will get them from point A to point B -- and back again. Being able to count on your vehicle to withstand the long road trips, the stop and go of city driving, and the twists and turns of those back-country roads throughout all the seasons of each year is perhaps the most important factor when choosing a vehicle. It’s not by happenstance, however, that some vehicles seem to maintain their integrity for years after being purchased, while others seem to show their wear and tear in no time at all. Sustaining the value of your vehicle can easily be done. Here are three ways to accomplish this:

Schedule Routine Maintenance Checks.

Whether you return to the dealership where you first bought your vehicle, or you prefer to go to your neighborhood service shop, making (and keeping) those routine maintenance appointments is integral to keeping your car roadworthy. These mini check-ups enable the certified technician to not only change your oil and rotate your tires, but also perform a check of hoses, belts, and various systems in your vehicle that may be showing signs of wear. Catching a potential issue in its very early stages will save you from a lot of unnecessary stress and expense.

Be Attentive!

Listen to your vehicle. If you hear the brakes making a strange noise or the engine just doesn’t sound quite right, cranking the volume on your stereo won’t make the source of that sound disappear. Look at your vehicle. If it seems like it is pulling to one side when you drive, or lights are shining brightly on your dashboard (indicating something needs your immediate attention), take it in to be serviced.

Purchase an Auto Warranty.

Of everything you can do to maintain your vehicle, perhaps the best decision you can make is to purchase auto warranty.  No matter how attentive and proactive you strive to be in taking care of your vehicle, sometimes mechanical issues arise that you have no control over. An auto warranty enables you to rest assured knowing that should a new problem suddenly appear in your vehicle, you’ll be covered, and you won’t have to worry about how you are going to pay for the repair. While an auto warranty does not need to be purchased the same day you buy your vehicle (in fact, you can get an auto warranty years after you purchased your vehicle), the auto warranty will typically cover only new issues and not pre-existing problems. So, it makes sense to be truly proactive in taking care of your vehicle and getting auto warranty for it before you need it!

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How to Prepare your Car for Chilly Weather



Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 1.49.23 PM

Getting Your Car Prepped for Winter Chills

As the weather gets colder this winter, there are a few steps that you'll need to take to ensure that your car runs perfectly come rain, snow, or sleet. Automobiles simply run differently when it's cold outside, and here are four of the things you should do to prepare your vehicle for whatever the winter may bring.

1. Test Your Battery

If your battery is going to give out, it will usually kick the bucket as soon as winter chills start creeping in. The colder it gets, the lower your battery capacity goes, which means that your battery may suddenly stop having enough juice to start your car one winter morning after a cold snap. The older your battery is, the more likely that it will fail, and replacing your car's battery before the beginning of winter is one way that you can hedge against the power-sucking effects of freezing weather. However, you can also take steps to keep your battery warm throughout the winter. For instance, you can park your car in the garage, or you can use a heated battery blanketto make sure that your battery stays warm overnight.

2. Check for Windshield Cracks

If there are any cracks in your vehicle's windshield, these cracks will likely only get worse as the weather gets colder.Freezing temperatures make glass more brittle, and the difference in temperature between the inside and outside of your car can be the final nail in the coffin of failing auto glass. This precaution applies to any other glass in your car; if you've been putting off replacing a cracked back windscreen or one of your windows, you should take care of that task before the winter's first freezing night. For good measure, you should also make sure that your car is equipped with subzero-capable windshield washing fluid, and you should also replace your wiper blades before winter hits in full force.

3. Make Sure Your Defroster Works

You never know the value of your defroster until it stops working. The most common cause of a faulty defroster is a broken blower unit, and you should replace this vital component before the first time that your windshield freezes overnight. Without an effectively operating defroster, every breath you take in your car while you're driving will create dangerous fog on your side of the windshield, so it's important to make sure that the little vents on your dash are pumping out plenty of hot air before the winter's first freeze.

4. Check Your Tire Pressure

You should check your tire pressure at least once per month, and this basic maintenance process becomes even more important in the winter. Cold temperatures cause the air pressure within your tires to drop, and underinflated tires wear out more quickly. In the worst case scenario, the winter cold could wear your tires out to the point that they burst, and picking durable all-season tires can protect you from this unfortunate possibility.

Again, if you want to take the worry out of vehicle repair bills during these colder months, purchase a warranty from True Auto and we will make sure you and your pockets stay warm this winter! 

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Here's Why Extended Auto Warranties Are Worth It


You're probably not thinking much about the distant future while you're buying a new car. After all, important purchases have a way of attracting all of your attention to the here and now, and the sights, sounds, and feelings associated with your new vehicle might be driving responsible thoughts out of your mind. You want to savor the feeling of sliding into your smoothly operating automobile for as long as possible, however, you should give a thought to the road ahead and consider the benefits of extended auto warranties.

Car Repairs Are Complicated

Extended auto warranties, which are also called service agreements or maintenance agreements, cover the cost to repair your car for an agreed-upon period. Even if you have the repair manual for your vehicle, the simplest automotive problems are often too complicated for a novice car owner. Plus, the average driver simply doesn't have time to mess around with amateur repair processes that may or may not produce the desired results. By investing in an extended auto warranty, you can cut right to the chase and get repairs done by qualified professionals. An extended auto warranty is also the best way to keep up with your maintenance schedule, which extends the life of your vehicle and increases its value.

Your Warranty Saves You Money

When it comes to performing maintenance on your new car, it's not a matter of "if" but "when." Proper maintenance is the best way to protect both your car's value and your safety on the road, and automobiles have so many moving parts that breakdowns are an inevitability. According to Kelly Blue Book, repairs and maintenance are two key factors of your car's 5-year cost to own, which is a metric that denotes the true cost of owning your car five years after the date of purchase. Examples of other factors that can drive up your 5-year cost to own include state fees, fuel, and insurance, but you can significantly mitigate these seemingly inevitable expenditures by bundling your maintenance and repair costs together with an extended auto warranty. While it may seem like your car will stay new forever, repair and maintenance costs are unavoidable, and you can keep yourself from racking up continued vehicle-related expenses by investing in an extended auto warranty.

Warranties Increase Your Car's Value

A car that's under warranty is easier to sell. Even if your car's extended warranty has expired, prospective buyers view previous warranty coverage as a guarantee that your vehicle was taken care of properly. Whenever you decide to sell your car, protecting it with an extended auto warranty will allow you to command a better price at the negotiating table. Whether you eventually decide to sell your car to a private buyer or trade it in for a newer model at the dealership, investing in an extended auto warranty now is the best way to ensure that your car will retain its value for years to come.

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Best Safety Features of Mercedes Benz: A Closer Look



Mercedes Benz has a long-held reputation for incorporating safety into their vehicles and using innovative technology to help prevent accidents. Over the years the German firm has created a number of signature safety features.

From accident prevention technology through to braking support, Mercedes has always been one-step ahead in the automobile world when it comes to driver and road safety.

The team at Big Motoring World helped us out with the following features. They have a massive range of used Mercedes Benz if you want to check them out.

Here is a quick look at some of the best safety features from Mercedes.

Imminent accident technology

Mercedes is renowned for its “pre-safe” technology range which has been designed specifically to warn drivers when an accident is imminent using a range of sensors and detectors. With this technology on board, drivers receive invaluable warning before an accident happens.

As well as the warning systems Mercedes has developed technology which enables the car to prepare itself and its occupants against an impending collision. For example, the car will automatically close the sunroof and any open windows.

This technology also means the car will automatically tighten seatbelts to prevent passengers and the driver being thrown forward in the collision, and it can adjust the head rests in the front of the car for extra comfort and protection in the resulting accident.

Accident data

The team at Mercedes is always looking to develop the next ground-breaking safety feature for their cars, and the way they do this is through their own in-house accident investigation programme. The company spends a great deal of time assessing potential accident scenarios to see if they can then develop counteractive technology.

The team works on the scenario by calculating the potential angles of collision, assessing the speed at impact and collecting as much data as possible from all angles. The data is then fed into the creation of all of their innovative safety technology to make it as effective as possible.

Automatic braking technology

If a driver becomes even slightly distracted while driving, there is a chance of an accident which is why the pre-safe system has the imminent collision warning for drivers. In addition, Mercedes have also developed automatic braking technology.

Once the vehicle senses a collision is imminent, the car will automatically start to brake, initially using about 40% of the brake power. If the driver doesn’t start to brake, the car will automatically engage 100% of the brake power by itself to try to reduce the potential collision impact.

Night time safety features

Driving at night is always more challenging, particularly on dark unlit roads, which is why Mercedes developed another of their innovative safety features – Night View Assist Plus. This technology uses a camera and infrared to provide the drive with a real-time view of what’s on the dark road in front of them.

It’s invaluable for avoiding potential collisions with animals or other obstructions which might be hiding in the darkness on a long drive. Most Mercedes are also fitted with LED headlamps which generate the most power at night time. They can also change configuration automatically to form the best beam pattern depending on the conditions.

Avoiding blind spot issues

All cars have blind spots, making it impossible to see cars coming up next to you or behind you, from certain angles. However, Mercedes have created technology for this exact reason. Their Active Blind Spot Monitoring system helps detect vehicles which you might not have seen, and alerts you to them.

Avoiding lane drifting

When driving on a straight road for a long time it is easy to lose concentration for a split second and drift over into the lane next to you accidentally, but this is where collisions occur. Mercedes developed their own Lane Keeping Assist program which monitors your driving and if it senses that the car has drifted over the line, it makes your steering wheel start to vibrate to alert you.

If you continue to drift into the next lane, the car can even apply the brakes along the relevant side of the car, to bring you back into the right driving position carefully.

Detecting other cars at night

We all know the problems which driving at night causes in terms of being dazzled by the headlights of oncoming traffic, and having to remember to switch your high beams up and down as other traffic approaches.

Mercedes have developed their “Adaptive High Beam Assist” technology which uses a camera to pick up the lights from oncoming traffic. It automatically calculates how much to reduce your car’s light beam by to avoid dazzling the other driver, but ensuring you can still see at the same time.

Mercedes’ reputation for safety features and the use of innovative technology to keep drivers safer is well-deserved. With all of the technology to help alert drivers to impending danger, and to enable the car to take action itself, you can feel undoubtedly feel safer in a Mercedes.

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Which car sharing service fits your needs?


How do you go about choosing which car sharing service is the perfect fit for you?

Are you toying with the idea of going carless? Do you live in a city that has a great public transportation system? Do you own a car and rarely drive it? No matter the answer, I'm sure you still need occassional car services to visit your family or run to the grocery store. Not to worry, there are short-term car rental services that will allow you to share a vehicle. Making an informed decision is the first and most important step. Simply looking through the hourly/daily rates and picking from there isn't always the most resourceful. Following these guidelines can help you make a smart decision.

1. Check Availability In Your Area

Depending on your location, certain car sharing services won't be available. Generally, most car sharing and ride-hauling services are only available in larger cities. For example, St. Louis, Missouri, only has three Zipcar hubs. Price discrepancy, as well as vehicle makes and models are different in each city. In St. Louis, you can rent a Ford Focus Hatchback for 9$ an hour and 69$ a day. A Ford Focus Sedan is 7.50$ an hour and 69$ a day. 

Screen_Shot_2016-03-07_at_12.54.16_PM.pngSource: Zipcar 

Los Angeles, California on the other hand has 20 main Zipcar hubs. The Zipcars in Los Angeles range anywhere from 12.25$ an hour to 7.50$ an hour. For a BMW X1 the cost is 11.25$ an hour and 89$ per day. A Honda Fit is priced at 8.50$ an hour and 69$ a day. 

Screen_Shot_2016-03-07_at_12.53.53_PM.pngSource: Zipcar 

Whichever company you decided to ride with -Zipcar, Car2Go or Enterprise CarShare- make sure to check their website and see if they do indeed operate in your area. 

2. Which Fits Your Needs

How long do you think you'll need the car? Will you be running errands around town? Or are you more of a road-trip person? 

If you aren't a fan of ride-hauling services, such as Uber and Lyft, you may want to look closer into Car2Go. Once you reach your destination with Car2Go, you can either end your trip or have a stopover and continue driving. If you are ending your drive, you have to return the vehicle to its home area and park in an approved spot. During a stopover you use the vehicle just as you would a personal car. It should be noted that throughout the stopover, your trip time is still accumulating. 

Enterprise CarShare is always another option. All it takes is four easy steps: Join, Reserve, Unlock & Go and Return. There’s an annual membership fee and one-time application fee. (The rates vary by city, location and time.) As does Zipcar, Enterprise CarShare partners with Universities and Businesses. If you're a college student or know a college student who could benefit from the University Enterprise CarShare program, the fees are waived, which means you will be saving money!

Webster University Fees and Rates from Enterprise CarShareSource: Enterprise CarShare

Source: AutoMotoTV, Youtube Channel

3. Make A Decision

Based on the car sharing services availabilty/price and your exact needs, you are now able to make an educated decision on which is the perfect fit! After reading this article you may have decided to keep your car. There is also a posibility that you have decided that you'll continue to use mass transit and ride-hauling companies like Uber and Lyft. Either way, the number one priority, is that you choose the service that will benefit you the most. Doing your research is essential in any process. Good luck! 

Be sure to check out True Auto Vehicle Breakdown Protection on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn and Google+ for more valuable vehicle information.


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2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge


2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Website Screen Shot

The World Solar Challenge was born out of the visions of solar pioneers,

Hans Tholstrup and Larry Perkins 1982 quest to drive a home-built solar car Quiet Achiever across Australia from west to east. Tholstrup urged others to explore the boundaries of sun-powered transportation.

"Inaugurated in 1987 with pioneer sponsor, the South Australian Tourism Commission, the World Solar Challenge continues to showcase the development of advanced automotive technology and promote alternatives to conventional vehicle engines.Today, while solar cars test the ultimate boundaries of energy efficiency, they also provide incredible insights into the capabilities of everyday vehicle technology. These innovations are at the heart of all electric cars, whether that power comes from hydrogen fuel cells, hybrid engines or even fully-electric commuter cars that draw power from solar cells on the garage roof – they all use the technology that is continually honed to perfection in the World Solar Challenge." Source: World Solar Challenge History

"Based on the original notion that a 1000W car would complete the journey in 50 hours, solar cars are allowed a nominal 5kW hours of stored energy, which is 10% of that theoretical figure. All other energy must come from the sun or be recovered from the kinetic energy of the vehicle. 

These are arguably the most efficient electric vehicles." Source: World Solar Challenge Overview

The World Solar Challenge starts in Darwin in the Northern Territory and travels the Stuart Highway to Port Augusta to the finish in the City of Adelaide in South Australia – 3000kms. The teams must travel as far as they can until 5pm in the afternoon where they make camp in the desert. The team must be entirely self-sufficent in order to sleep wherever they stop that day.

The biennial World Solar Challenge seeks to inspire teams from leading international universities and technical institutes. Partnering with private entrepreneurs, the teams come together to test and promote the ultimate synergy of nature, motion and innovation. All while addressing the necessity of sustainable transportation.

Three distinct classes, each with their own parameters, stages and goals were represented. 

  • The Challenger Class is conducted in a single stage from Darwin to Adelaide.
  • The Cruiser Class is conducted in two stages, with a compulsory overnight stop in Alice Springs where teams may recharge from the grid. In 2013, Cruiser Class teams were able to charge from the grid in three locations, this change in 2015 will encourage teams to deploy the most innovative approaches to energy management.
  • The Adventure Class is also conducted over two stages, with an overnight stop in Alice Springs. Source: World Solar Challenge 2015 Classes

Mandatory check points, seven in total, are where observers are changed and team managers have the ability to update themselves on the weather, as well as their own position in the field. Only basic maintenance, such as checking/maintaining tire pressure and cleaning the vehicle of debris may be performed. Undisclosed check points can be enforced by the event officials to assure regulatory conformity.

Watch the 2015 Video Highlights:


The 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Winners --


Challenger Class Winner: Nuon Solar w/ Nuna 8

Cruiser Class Winner: Team Eindhoven w/ Stella Lux

Adventure Class Winner: TAFE SA w/ Solar Spirit

For the latest Automotive Industry related news, be sure to check out True Auto Vehicle Breakdown Protection on FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Google+ for more valuable vehicle information.


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Caruma Cam is Changing the Connected Car


Caruma CamTM is the world’s first connected car camera. 

Caruma Cam Ready Set Drive

Connecting your car to the cloud has never been easier or more safe. The all-in-one security system helps you watch over your car from wherever you are. The two cameras - one facing in and one facing out - each with 1080p HD, 170- degree field of view and advanced night vision, picks up movement. When movement is detected, the HD video is sent to you and backed up to the cloud, instantly saving the video evidence. Not to mention, your car now becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot, providing 4G LTE for you and your passengers.

Setting up the Caruma Car is Easy

  1. Install the Caruma Cam.  No tools are required and the process take only minutes to set up.
  2. Quick Mount.  Simply mount Caruma Cam in your window and/or dash.
  3. Connect. Use the Caruma Cam app on your phone to complete the process.

Caruma - The Future of Driving. Today. Website Screen Shot

Caruma Cam shoots clear and crisp video, both day and night. When the car is parked, it’s a security camera. When driving, video captures unforseen circumstances. An optional 24/7 monitoring service provides emergency assistance. 

Pre-order your Cam today!

While Caruma Cam promises to keep you safe, it may also be wise to invest in an Extended Vehicle Warranty. Investing in an extended warranty coverage plan will provide you with the extra coverage you want in order to keep your family safe.

True Auto has your back when it comes to ensuring your protection. If you are looking for a company that specializes in Automobile Extended Warranties, look no further than True Auto Vehicle Breakdown Protection. Call 877-397-1022 or Click HERE to recieve your FREE Quote today. 


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