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Why November is a Great Time to Purchase an Auto Warranty


why November is a great time to purchase a vehicle warranty

November is an excellent time to purchase an auto warranty, as we continue to draw closer to the colder winter months. Problems with your vehicle can occur at any time, and it is important always to be well-prepared and avoid any costly expenses. Choosing to purchase an auto warranty is an excellent investment for anyone that owns a vehicle, as winter is a common time to experience various issues with your car.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider purchasing an auto warranty if you are still undecided:

#1 Engine Problems
The winter season is never easy on your vehicle and can cause you to experience a wide range of engine problems that can lead to expensive repairs. Often times the fluids will thicken due to the cold weather, which can cause potential damage to seals and hoses in your vehicle. Warming up your car for five minutes is an effective way to avoid this problem and ensure that your vehicle operates efficiently. Of course, sometimes you cannot prevent engine problems and purchasing a warranty can help you give you additional protection and ensure that you receive the best repair services available.

#2 Electrical Issues
Electrical issues with your car is another common problem with many vehicles during the cold winter months, as you can experience an electrical outage in a variety of different areas. For example, the power windows may begin not to work, or you may have issues with the automatic locks on your door. Fortunately, you can contact a repair service to fix any of these electrical issues without having to worry about any extra costs if you have a warranty.

#3 Dead Battery
A dead battery is a common problem that many vehicle owners face during the winter time, and it is always a good idea to keep your car in a garage if possible. Most manufacturer warranties will cover the battery, but it is important to have your battery checked any time you have routine service on your vehicle to ensure that you are well-prepared for the winter months.

#4 Malfunctioning Safety Features
Safety is always a top priority for anyone that owns a vehicle and malfunctioning safety features can lead to a wide range of problems. However, purchasing an auto warranty will keep you safe and protected, as you will receive immediate assistance without any delay, whether the backup camera system isn't working or if you have defected seat belts.

Understanding these common issues with your car during the winter months can help you avoid many problems and purchasing an auto warranty is an excellent choice for any vehicle owners. Instead of worrying about any surprise expenses, a warranty will ensure that you receive the best protection available from a wide range of problems, whether it is due to engine difficulties, electrical issues, malfunctioning safety features, or even a dead battery. An auto warranty will give you much-needed peace of mind and is a perfect choice during the month of November.

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Buying an Extended Warranty from a Dealership or Online?


True Auto Vehicle Breadown Protection Car DashboardWhen shopping for an extended car warranty, you should expect to do a lot of research.

Any third party dealer is out to make a few dollars, so you should always know what your policy covers, as well as the year and mileage limit. With the exception of a manufacturing warranty, the two places to buy are either online or a dealership. While some online providers are going to have better reputations and motives than others, overall they're going to offer better deals than the average dealership.

The problem with going through a dealership for the extended warranty is that the salesperson or financial manager is trying to make a profit. Dealers make their profits on commission, and a hefty portion of that comes from extended warranties. Naturally, they want you to buy and they want you to pay as much as possible. Some dealerships will charge between 50 and 90 percent more for a policy than they paid for it. Disreputable dealers may tell you that they can't provide informative paperwork, can't make a customizable policy, and will get you a copy of the contract "after it's signed."

The upside to using a dealer is that they incorporate the extended warranty cost into your monthly vehicle payments. While that certainly is convenient, it may not be worth it for the added expense. You could buy through a dealership effectively if you did a lot of research, knew what deals you could get elsewhere, and were able to haggle with the salesperson efficiently. The process can be confusing and exhausting, though, so make sure you do your homework first.

Online extended warranties are easier to understand. Your options are laid out before you and you pick and choose accordingly. Choose a year or mileage policy and view it online before you sign. Make sure you know where your car can be fixed, whether it's paid for up front or reimbursed, and whether your policy specifies "damage" or "wear and tear." It's easy to compare these specifics from website to website, making it simple to research. It also keeps the sellers themselves more honest. Since commissions aren't involved, these third-party sites can offer warranties 40 percent less expensive than dealerships.

While passively accepting the policy offered by a dealership might seem easier, in the long run a little research can save a lot of money. Third-party websites offer cheaper deals with better overall coverage.
An Extended Vehicle Warranty Coverage Plan can cover the cost of repairs on certain parts, which means drivers won’t have to pay out of pocket, and they’ll save money at the auto shop.
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Avoiding Unexpected Breakdowns


How to avoid unexpected breakdowns 

Most of us have experienced being left on the side of the road with a broken-down car. It's always inconvenient, and sometimes even scary. If you've gone through this even once, you will no doubt want to try to prevent it from happening again. 

Here are a few tips to help prevent breakdowns:

  • Do scheduled maintenance and yearly tune-ups. Whether you do them yourself or take your car to a mechanic, tune-ups and scheduled maintenance are opportunities to catch problems before they leave you stranded. While under the hood, you or your mechanic can look for cracking or bulging hoses, shiny belts, and other signs of potential problems. In addition, staying on top of regular maintenance can also prevent problems from becoming big enough to strand you.
  • Listen for problems. Always pay attention to how your car sounds and how it feels to drive it, and look for the cause whenever you notice significant changes. Sometimes a new noise can give you enough warning to have something fixed before your car actually breaks down somewhere.
  • Visually inspect your car every time you drive it. Make it a habit to look at your car every time you walk up to it to drive somewhere. Look at all four tires to make sure none are flat, and look for fluids leaking out from underneath. Look at your parking spot after you pull out of it for signs of fluids, too. You might be able to catch a problem before you drive away, just by paying attention.

Of course, sometimes no matter how vigilant you are, your car may still break down. Not all problems can be seen coming or prevented with regular maintenance. If it does happen, you'll want to have a Plan B: a cell phone and someone you can call to come rescue you.

In the event that your car does leave you stranded, help is just a phone call away when you have a vehicle breakdown protection plan already in place.  If your extended car warranty is soon to expire, please consider True Auto Vehicle Breakdown Protection with your next extended warranty. Click HERE to recieve a FREE Quote or CALL one of our team members at 877-397-1022.

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Making Your Car More Serviceable


Making you car more serviceable

Having a vehicle break down can be inconvenient and expensive.  Auto warranty companies, such as True Auto Protection, provide a sense of security from such expenses but one should keep their vehicle in peak operating condition.  By doing so, potential problems may be spotted early and actions taken to prevent more costly repairs.

How to Make Your Vehicle Serviceable:

1. The Service Manual is Your Guide

A vehicle's service manual can be a valuable resource to obtain information.   Drivers can learn about the individual manufacturers' recommended service intervals, when parts such as wipers and brakes should be replaced and about the vehicle warning alerts.

Reading the service manual can be of assistance in planning for the cost of repairs and general maintenance. 

2. Watch the Dashboard

Drivers should never ignore the warning lights on the dashboard.   They can be the first indicators of trouble with the car.   Taking action when the lights appear may initially cost money.  But it is important to know that spending this money now can prevent much more expensive repairs at a later time.

3. Know The Timing Belt

The timing belt is a major engine component.   If it malfunctions, there can be serious, expensive damage to the vehicle's engine.   Depending on the type of car, replacing the timing belt can and will differ.   Check the service manual or research online to tell how the timing belt is going bad, or how the timing belt should be replaced.

4. Monitor the Tires

Tires play a significant role in vehicle performance and safety.   Drivers must ensure their tires have sufficient tread and are properly inflated to the manufacturers' recommendations. They should also be aware of the tires expected usable mileage.   Once the tires have exceeded this limit, they should be replaced.  

Take the average miles driven to calculate the remaining tread life for tires.   Doing so can help the driver budget their funds for tire replacement.

5. Drive Sensibly

While this may seem like common sense, it should be noted.    Do not make sudden starts or "burn rubber" upon acceleration.   Do braking gradually when stopping the vehicle.  Do not overload the vehicle with cargo beyond the recommended levels.

Drivers who take the time to learn about their vehicle and drive rationally can save money on costly, unnecessary repairs.   They can enjoy years of service from their vehicle.  

For drivers who are tougher on their vehicles, an Extended Warranty might be a wise investment.   Often times, extended warranty companies cover new and used vehicles; not to mention all makes and models -Acura, Chevrolet and Dodge, as well as Hyundai and more. 

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How Much Should I Pay For Extended Warranty? - PriusChat Forums


happy familyWhen getting your car extended warranty, you are going to want to ask yourself a few questions, namely: How old is my car? Does it have manufacturer warranty on it? How long am I planning to have the vehicle? Lastly, how much wear and tear am I going to see on this car?

How you answer will tell you how much you specifically are going to want to, and should, pay for your car’s extended warranty.

Now, the lower the mileage on your car, the lower the cost of warranty. As you use a car, the warranty price will go up, and the manufacturer warranty will run out. So, always check for manufacturer warranty. Usually it will cover the first 3 years or 36,000 miles. Buying an extended warranty is for the purpose of extending the duration of that warranty, or for getting additional coverage. Some vehicles will have great manufacturer warranty, others will cover the bare minimum, like faulty parts. Look for exclusionary policies that give you short list of what they don’t cover, as that means the cover everything else.

If you plan on holding on to the car for say 2-3 years, and the manufacturer’s warranty is pretty decent, you might be set. If you do get extended warranty, make sure to check if the warranty can be transferred.

The length of time you might foreseeably be holding on to your vehicle will also tell you how much wear and tear you might see happening. Good extended warranty should cover you for this.

When shopping around for your car’s extended warranty, you’re going to be looking for a) an exclusionary policy, b) one that has nationwide coverage where you to choose where you go (and lets you pay directly to the repairer), and c) says who covers additional expenses like time and labor costs of the repairer. Buying warranty through your dealership might not be the best, as they often are just in-between sales persons.

The Toyota Prius, being a hybrid, can start adding up in out-of-pocket expenses once your 3-year manufacturer warranty runs out. Get it covered before that happens. As with all things, you do get what you pay for, and so you’re going to have to weigh what you really need covered, versus excess stuff. $2200-$3
000 is certainly reasonable for a 7-8 year warranty, especially if you get roadside assistance and car rental reimbursement.

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Different Types of Extended Warranty Coverage | used car warranties


extended warranty familyWithout a doubt, purchasing an extended warranty on a vehicle is the best thing that any car owner can do after the factory warranty has expired. In comparison to the event of a vehicle breakdown, purchasing an extended warranty for your vehicle is much cheaper.

For instance, if your vehicle had a small engine problem after the factory warranty has expired – you would more than likely spend over $1000 dollars on a repair. With extended vehicle warranty coverage, you may be able to cut that down to as little as $1 per day. Not to mention, most repair shops charge anywhere from $80 - $100 per hour for labor alone.

Extended warranties can include simple drive-train mechanisms only, the entire car, and it can even cover roadside assistance in the event of a vehicle breakdown. Purchasing these extras will not cost very much more than you would pay for a can of soda on break everyday – making it extremely worth the extra change.

When choosing an extended warranty for your vehicle, look for “red-flag” language within the fine-print, that may say things such as “at our discretion” etc. Many extended warranty providers will provide a cheap monthly rate – while also giving the same – a cheap plan. Also, find a company that is able to provide “wear-and-tear” coverage for your vehicle; which will protect against the normal everyday elements that are often more damaging than any other factor to your vehicle.

Again, the most important thing that a car owner can do for their vehicle, other than routine maintenance, is to purchase an extended warranty. Not only will it provide peace of mind in the event of a breakdown or mishap, but it will also give a reason to value the vehicle enough to take excellent care of it. Knowing that you will be able to drive your prized possession for many more years to come turns it from a vehicle into a valuable asset.

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Honda Extended Warranty


describe the image

Although we offer a bumper-to-bumper warranty, our extended warranty offers additional factory backed protection that can even be transferred in the event of a sale. If you are looking for an extra measure of security, you may want to consider purchasing our extended warranty. You have the option of a low deductible or no deductible warranty.

Honda Care is a fantastic addition to the original bumper-to-bumper warranty

With our Honda Care extended warranty, your car is covered up to120,000 miles. This means that there is no need to worry about some of the potentially expensive repair bills that may arise during that time.

Any Honda automobile that is still covered within its original factory warranty is eligible for one of the extended service contracts offered by American Honda Financial Services.

*If you are a Florida resident, you must purchase your Honda Care coverage from a Honda dealer in your state.

At the time a Certified Honda is being purchased, the option to upgrade to our Honda extended warranty is available. It is important to note that a Honda extended warranty can only be obtained through the dealer who certified the vehicle being purchased which means this warranty can only be obtained at the time of purchase.

Some of the repairs covered by Honda Care include the water pump, constant-velocity joints, timing belt, cooling system, brakes, drive axle system, fuel delivery, engine, heating/air conditioning and more. All repairs are made by our Honda technicians using authorized parts from American Honda or Genuine Honda.

Our Honda Care extended warranty offers you more than just repairs; it also gives you peace of mind because with the benefits it offers, you are never alone. These benefits include concierge emergency service, 24-hour roadside assistance, reimbursement for rental cars, customized travel plans and trip interruption benefits.

If you are looking for extra protection, Honda Care is a fantastic addition to our original bumper-to-bumper warranty.

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Used Car Warranties: What You Need To Know



describe the image


Buying a pre-owned car can be a stressful enough process without thinking about warranties; however, it is important to understand your options to ensure you are making the best choice. Factors to take into consideration are whether it is worth purchasing a used car warranty and what type would be suitable for your needs. Although used cars tend to have fewer warranty options than new models, policies can be daunting due to a mixed coverage.


Used Car Warranty Types


Certified Pre-Owned (CPO)


A certified pre-owned warranty is one of the best options available if you are looking for reassurance as cars sold as valid for CPO must be in great condition. These warranties have more coverage than other options and generally include a longer powertrain coverage.


Basic Used


Basic used warranties are rudimentary policies that offer to pay a percentage of parts or labor specified in the coverage in the case of failure. They usually expire within 30 days to one year after the sale of the car.


Extended Length


An extended length used car warranty is similar to those for new cars. They are sold by the automakers or third party sellers and can cover as little as serious engine failures to as much as everything minus regular maintenance. The basic policies usually have higher deductibles than their more pricey counterparts.




Implied warranties are required in states that do not allow a used car to be sold in as-is condition. In such a case, the used car must be able to run when sold and if the buyer experiences a failure shortly after the sale from a condition proved to have existed previously, the seller is liable to pay for the repairs.


Aftermarket Accessories


Aftermarket accessories are rarely included in new car warranties but are offered by manufacturers of products such as stereos and turbochargers. If you are considering to buy an aftermarket accessories used car warranty, it is important that you read the policy thoroughly as coverage usually only applies to the aftermarket component and not original parts.


Replacement Parts


Warranties for replacement parts usually last for one year but can sometimes be longer, especially in the case of replacement batteries. These warranties cover parts bought from a dealership to replace defective ones.

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Used Auto Extended Warranty | Extended Car Warranties


auto extended warrantyA car is one of the most valuable assets one can own. That is why a car extended warranty/VSC is so important. Purchasing an extended warranty/VSC will give you the peace of mind in knowing that this investment is safe and secure. An extended warranty/VSC will make sure that this investment stays in great shape, and runs smoothly for a long time. Repairing a car, or even performing a routine maintenance check, is almost always more expensive than the car extended warranty/VSC. Furthermore, if the car breaks down, the owner is on the hook for at least several hundred dollars. That is why it is important for a car owner, especially one of a commercial vehicle, to think about adding vehicle breakdown protection in addition to the extended warranty/VSC. 

A car extended warranty/VSC, especially on a used car, is extremely important to have. Most people who purchase a used car understand the inherent risk that comes with it. However, vehicle breakdown protection insurance will also cover the policy holder if their car breaks down on the road. Adding vehicle breakdown insurance will ensure that your extended warranty/VSC extends to breakdowns on the road, where a regular warranty would not. 

Purchasing a used car allows the vehicle's owner to drive a better car at a price much lower than the cost of a new vehicle. A used car with only a few thousand miles on it, is substantially less expensive than driving a new one off the lot. However, with this decrease in cost comes enhanced risk. Regardless of the quality of the vehicle at the time of purchase, there is simply no way of knowing that it will perform up to expectations. It is likely that something will go wrong, certain parts will need to be replaced, or worse, the car might breakdown on a busy highway or intersection. With a car extended warranty/VSC, one can feel confident that they have made the right purchase and that they are protected in case something does need to be replaced. Adding vehicle breakdown insurance ensures that the car owner is protected in the event of a breakdown. Extending the warranty/VSC of your used car and adding vehicle breakdown insurance will give you peace of mind, and make driving a new car exciting and fun without the risk. 

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Three Advantages of Purchasing A Used Car Extended Warranty ...


warranty kids

Many people wonder whether it's a good idea to purchase an extended car warranty/VSC on a used vehicle. The obvious answer should be a question. Why wouldn't it be a good idea? There are many advantages to purchasing an extended warranty/VSC. Whether to purchase one should be a 'no brainer'. The following three advantages are three good reasons why.

1. When the warranty that came with the car runs out, then what?
The warranty that came with the car at the time of purchase may not cover the car from bumper to bumper, and every warranty is different in terms of the number of years and miles covered. Therefore, it's wise to have an extended warranty/VSC in place in case:
  • The standard warranty doesn't cover a particular need or item that can be covered under an extended warranty/VSC.
  • A problem arises after the standard warranty expires. For example, the warranty on Mr. Doe's automobile has run out. Shortly thereafter, the automobile that has never caused a problem needs to have a new transmission installed.  Unfortunately, Mr. Doe doesn't have the money saved to fix the problem. For a small investment, an extended warranty/VSC will cover a new transmission.
Also, keep in mind that purchasing an extended warranty/VSC while the standard warranty is in effect isn't such a bad idea, because providers, knowing that the original warranty is still valid, will charge less because there is less risk involved. 

2,  Usually, an extended warranty/VSC will include towing and roadside assistance.
There is nothing worse than traveling in a strange place on a strange road only to have your car break down. With an extended warranty/VSC, towing and roadside service is most likely part of the package. As long as the driver has a cell phone, there is no problem. A repair man will arrive at the site and fix the car or tow it to a garage where it can be repaired. 

3.  An extended warranty/VSC gives a car owner peace of mind knowing that a team of professionals  will handle a claim and deal with repair shops. They will handle everything from parts to fees, while a driver can sit back and relax. If he doesn't wish to relax, he could also take advantage of driving a rental car while his car is being repaired, because many extended warranties/VSC will cover that cost as well. 

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