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Caruma Cam is Changing the Connected Car


Caruma CamTM is the world’s first connected car camera. 

Caruma Cam Ready Set Drive

Connecting your car to the cloud has never been easier or more safe. The all-in-one security system helps you watch over your car from wherever you are. The two cameras - one facing in and one facing out - each with 1080p HD, 170- degree field of view and advanced night vision, picks up movement. When movement is detected, the HD video is sent to you and backed up to the cloud, instantly saving the video evidence. Not to mention, your car now becomes a Wi-Fi hotspot, providing 4G LTE for you and your passengers.

Setting up the Caruma Car is Easy

  1. Install the Caruma Cam.  No tools are required and the process take only minutes to set up.
  2. Quick Mount.  Simply mount Caruma Cam in your window and/or dash.
  3. Connect. Use the Caruma Cam app on your phone to complete the process.

Caruma - The Future of Driving. Today. Website Screen Shot

Caruma Cam shoots clear and crisp video, both day and night. When the car is parked, it’s a security camera. When driving, video captures unforseen circumstances. An optional 24/7 monitoring service provides emergency assistance. 

Pre-order your Cam today!

While Caruma Cam promises to keep you safe, it may also be wise to invest in an Extended Vehicle Warranty. Investing in an extended warranty coverage plan will provide you with the extra coverage you want in order to keep your family safe.

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Kymeta is Changing Connectivity


Have you heard of Kymeta?

If not, this is your chance to see what they are embarking on. Kymeta is trying to change the way we are contsrained by mobile communications. Specifically in the areas of coverage and capacity. "Through innovative application of the metamaterials tool set, Kymeta's mTenna™-powered antenna creates a holographic beam that uses software to track moving satellites in a mobile environment."

Source: Kymeta Corporation, Youtube Channel

"Kymeta is solving this problem by replacing the current parabolic dish technology with a flat antenna that can be steered electronically and track a Moving Satellite – from a mobile platform. As the new space race emerges with companies launching low earth orbit (LEO) and medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite constellations, Kymeta will meet this new era of mobility with best-in-class technology to unlock this potential." Source: Kymeta Corp.

As this article is being written, there is a Tayota 4Runner, KymetaConnected™, equipped with Kymeta's mTenna® technology, touring America. In order to show people the benefits of connectivity where coverage and capacity can't meet today's demands, Kymeta has set off on a month long tour of the United States. You are able to follow the progress of the tour using #KyTrek on social media. 


Kymeta explains on their website that less than 10% of the earth is covered by 4G/LTE, and the wireless spectrum it covers is incredibly expensive. 

Building out the infrastructure from the ground up would take billions of dollars and decades to implement. Plus on top of that, new smartphones come out everyday and makes it clera that mobile bandwidth is unstainable. Kymeta is changing the current parabolic dish technology with a flat antenna that can be steered electronically and track a moving satellite. This is the future of connectivity. 

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