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Best Safety Features of Mercedes Benz: A Closer Look



Mercedes Benz has a long-held reputation for incorporating safety into their vehicles and using innovative technology to help prevent accidents. Over the years the German firm has created a number of signature safety features.

From accident prevention technology through to braking support, Mercedes has always been one-step ahead in the automobile world when it comes to driver and road safety.

The team at Big Motoring World helped us out with the following features. They have a massive range of used Mercedes Benz if you want to check them out.

Here is a quick look at some of the best safety features from Mercedes.

Imminent accident technology

Mercedes is renowned for its “pre-safe” technology range which has been designed specifically to warn drivers when an accident is imminent using a range of sensors and detectors. With this technology on board, drivers receive invaluable warning before an accident happens.

As well as the warning systems Mercedes has developed technology which enables the car to prepare itself and its occupants against an impending collision. For example, the car will automatically close the sunroof and any open windows.

This technology also means the car will automatically tighten seatbelts to prevent passengers and the driver being thrown forward in the collision, and it can adjust the head rests in the front of the car for extra comfort and protection in the resulting accident.

Accident data

The team at Mercedes is always looking to develop the next ground-breaking safety feature for their cars, and the way they do this is through their own in-house accident investigation programme. The company spends a great deal of time assessing potential accident scenarios to see if they can then develop counteractive technology.

The team works on the scenario by calculating the potential angles of collision, assessing the speed at impact and collecting as much data as possible from all angles. The data is then fed into the creation of all of their innovative safety technology to make it as effective as possible.

Automatic braking technology

If a driver becomes even slightly distracted while driving, there is a chance of an accident which is why the pre-safe system has the imminent collision warning for drivers. In addition, Mercedes have also developed automatic braking technology.

Once the vehicle senses a collision is imminent, the car will automatically start to brake, initially using about 40% of the brake power. If the driver doesn’t start to brake, the car will automatically engage 100% of the brake power by itself to try to reduce the potential collision impact.

Night time safety features

Driving at night is always more challenging, particularly on dark unlit roads, which is why Mercedes developed another of their innovative safety features – Night View Assist Plus. This technology uses a camera and infrared to provide the drive with a real-time view of what’s on the dark road in front of them.

It’s invaluable for avoiding potential collisions with animals or other obstructions which might be hiding in the darkness on a long drive. Most Mercedes are also fitted with LED headlamps which generate the most power at night time. They can also change configuration automatically to form the best beam pattern depending on the conditions.

Avoiding blind spot issues

All cars have blind spots, making it impossible to see cars coming up next to you or behind you, from certain angles. However, Mercedes have created technology for this exact reason. Their Active Blind Spot Monitoring system helps detect vehicles which you might not have seen, and alerts you to them.

Avoiding lane drifting

When driving on a straight road for a long time it is easy to lose concentration for a split second and drift over into the lane next to you accidentally, but this is where collisions occur. Mercedes developed their own Lane Keeping Assist program which monitors your driving and if it senses that the car has drifted over the line, it makes your steering wheel start to vibrate to alert you.

If you continue to drift into the next lane, the car can even apply the brakes along the relevant side of the car, to bring you back into the right driving position carefully.

Detecting other cars at night

We all know the problems which driving at night causes in terms of being dazzled by the headlights of oncoming traffic, and having to remember to switch your high beams up and down as other traffic approaches.

Mercedes have developed their “Adaptive High Beam Assist” technology which uses a camera to pick up the lights from oncoming traffic. It automatically calculates how much to reduce your car’s light beam by to avoid dazzling the other driver, but ensuring you can still see at the same time.

Mercedes’ reputation for safety features and the use of innovative technology to keep drivers safer is well-deserved. With all of the technology to help alert drivers to impending danger, and to enable the car to take action itself, you can feel undoubtedly feel safer in a Mercedes.

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