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Road Rage Facts To Keep You Safe

Posted by Victoria Caswell

Feb 24, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Untitled-1.jpgEvery driver has had it at some point in time during their career behind the wheel.

Whether someone cuts them off or other drivers just are not abiding by common sense driving standards, road rage can flare up in almost anyone. However, it is important to keep road rage in check and to practice defensive driving. That is because there are some truly startling road rage facts all drivers should be made aware of. After all, the more drivers know, the safer they can remain.

Reasons for Road Rage

There are common occurrences that bring out road rage in drivers. While anger may be compounded with the stress of daily life, the most common triggers for road rage remain rather universal.

  • 49% is due to another driver being distracted (ie. swerving while on their cell phones).
  • 44% stems from being cut off (many of these driving offenses occur at the same time, which is why the numbers add up to more than 100 percent).
  • 39% stems from overly aggressive drivers.
  • 35% from tailgating.
  • 34% of drivers who are running late may take it out on other drivers without any just cause. 
  • 31% of all road rage comes in the form of shouting and swearing.

Research for CNBC and several other news outlets actually found the top most common cars with road raging drivers, starting with BMW drivers (at 34 percent), followed by Land Rover, Audi and Subaru drivers. 

The Problems with Road Range

Sometimes exercising someone's right to complain verbally inside of their own vehicle can help reduce stress levels of the drivers. Other times, it can cause major situations, especially if the verbal sayings are escalated and directed at the other driver.

  • 37% of all aggressive driving incidents have at least one firearm involved, whether it is showing the piece, waving it or actually discharging a round.
  • 50% of all drivers who are the recipient of an aggressive maneuver on the road is likely going to respond with a similar, or more extreme maneuver.

Over the last seven years, there have been over 12,000 preventable injuries that could have been avoided, all of which stemmed from road rage. Two percent of these injuries have come from one driving admitting they attempted to force the other driver off the road. 

Aggressive drivers are more likely to take risks while driving; such as driving without their seatbelt and driving while intoxicated or under the influence. 

Aggressive and more extreme driving is also growing more common. Only 14 percent of drivers in a recent study said they felt driving 10 miles over the speed limit would be extremely dangerous.

In fact, 56% of men polled said they experience some form of road rage from another driver at least every single day while 44% of women felt the same way. All of these numbers point to the importance of staying calm and not escalating the potentially dangerous situation. 

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